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Fashionable Things For Gentleman

A gentleman classified by his ethics and his accessories. To maintain a gentleman`s wardrobe is not a like an eating snack. His wardrobe can judge the creativity of mind of the man. The material can distinguish a man with another man by his wardrobe. To come up with different ideas and a different sense of styling is quite hard, but a genius mind man can do this by his level of creativity. It`s not easy for everyone to manage their life style, and be classy. If you have someone, who will always guide you to what you need to buy or what not then you are lucky. If you have right things, then it will be good to form wardrobe quickly. Here are some products.



Many things are on the list of fashionable accessories, but a gentleman will not going to compromise on watch. A watch is not just only a watch. A man always considers first on his dressing, his appearance apparently and he doesn`t want to ruin his dressing by just wearing an ordinary watch. It`s better to wear one pretty nice watch than having dozens of useless watches. It gives a terrible impression of you when someone sees you in a great outfit with style less watch. A watch should be stylish, classy and at least it should look expensive. Always choose unique items for yourself even for the gifting purpose.



A tie is one the most important essential part of men`s suit. While you`ve bought a suit the best brand of town, then please you don`t need to compromise on ties. Especially, don`t go for the shiny and cheap ties it will ruin your image and your suit as well. Buy that kind of ties which is affordable, and which will prevent you from awful moments. You must consider the material, color contrast and design of tie while buying. Just like you can have a cotton tie with a silk shirt. You can also go for a different kinds of tie. Different sizes, different textures and colors of ties are found in the market even at a branded shop. Always consider your suits or tuxedos whether it goes with the color of tie or not. For a light colored suit go for a sharp and bright color and vice versa.



A belt can be formal and casual, or there are some which are known as semi-formal which you can use with both academic and casual dressing. Black, chocolate, and gray are those colors which match with all your suits. A belt is used to tighten up your pent, and also to make your dressing stylish. The belt is just like an extra pair of shoes or socks. There are different kind material comes in a belt like cotton, leather. Wearing long and heavily shown buckles in offices or in a formal gathering should be avoided as it doesn`t give a good impression. Usually the vagabonds who are irresponsible and have nothing to do or belong to no social class does it.

Belt should go with the color of the shoes and the color of watch you wear. This is the sequence of being or wearing formal. Your belt color should be the same as your shoes color. Be specific when you select or purchase a belt.



Sunglasses or shades are not only used to prevent eyes from effective sun rays. Other than it is also used to add some style to your dressing as well. The one thing you can do is that get a matching sunglasses like when you are wearing blue shirt go for royal blue shades, which will surely go to rock your

personality. Sunglasses are also the part of your wardrobe. There are different styles like Aviator, round, mirrored, Notch Bridge, Wooden Frames, club master, horn rimmed, and many more frames are in the list of sunglasses styles. Wear your style which suits or fixes you the best. Every shade is not for every face shape. Consider and ask for the advice from the consultant or the seller. The shades are of various sizes and styles. They keep on emerging. Don`t forget to go with the flow of fashion. But don`t forget to grab a pair of cool sunglasses in funky colors for a sea side party or a picnic.


Cuff Links

The cuff links gives a signature look to your appearance. When you`re nicely dressed you need to make it perfect. And for making it perfect, it should all be complete. The cuff links completes the way you look and adds life to your dressing. It gives a very decent look to your attire. No matter how sharply you`re dressed, you need to clip it on. It could be of various designs, colors and styles. Wear your style but the necessity is to wear it for making it look complete and the floor is yours. The two holes which doesn`t meet the bottom looks unfinished and untidy. It is the most ignored element which could simply add style to your way. It is a running joke that women have diversified variety of formal attire and men are just left with the suiting and tuxedos and nothing else. They could be more nicely dressed and aspire in their way. Since cuff links are formal it adds a style to your league and makes you avoid an unethical and non-environmental image.



Scarf usually looks good when wrapped around the head. It gives a complete and great look. It is not just a girl thing. It is often considered that it has nothing to do with boys. Suppose you`re on a holiday or at a weekend, would you like to be dressed the same way you`re dressed in your daily routine or at an office. I feel a big no. dressing should go with the requirements of the environment. A printed scarf for the plain t-shirt or a casual shirt may look good with a pair of shoes and a jeans. A plain scarf for the oriented shirt has its own charm. In formal social settings it looks unethical to wear scarf in a meeting.


Written By: Alizay Waseem


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